Oren provides consultancy services to the mining industry specialising in automated laboratory equipment and processes.

We have been providing solutions and products to BHP Billiton Iron Ore’s automated laboratory in Newman, WA since 2008 and continue to be a preferred vendor in their continuing reliability improvement program. Our philosophy is based on working closely with the customer to ensure reliable and high quality outcomes, that conform with AS/NZS and other required standards. Recent projects have included the design and manufacture of improved fusion line platinum crucible holders and milling circle robot effectors. This has increased line throughput due to a decrease in transport and robot breakdowns.

Our understanding of the production, quality and maintenance processes within automated assay laboratories is second to none and our specialist consultants have worked closely with OEM’s such as Herzog in their manufacturing facility in Germany, Rocklabs in New Zealand and Aerison in Australia. This has enabled us to develop key relationships in this highly specialised field.

Oren’s consultancy services are backed up with a strong and diverse engineering facility that provides effective solutions to a vast range of industries from medical imaging to fishing, agriculture and mining. We work closely with our customers from a concept to 3D design/simulation and manufacture resulting in solutions that work. We are also specialists in hydraulic systems and automated control systems including industrial virtualisation.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in getting the most out of your automated laboratory.